Documention : eKan for WooCommerce (EN)


To install the plugin :

  1. Download the file listed on your order
  2. On your website, go to Plugins > Add plugin
  3. Click on « Upload an extension »
  4. Upload the file
  5. Activate the extension. You need WooCommerce to be active and setup to install the plugin.

After activation, you need to configure the plugin for it to work properly.


All settings are accessible under the « WooCommerce / Settings » menu, on the « Expédition eKan » tab.


You need to enter the access codes given to you by eKan (ID commerçant = ID retailer, ID entrepôt = ID warehouse)

You may indicate the nature of products and the default manufacturer code.

UGS/EAN : UGS (Unité de Gestion de Vente) is the SKU (Sales Key Unit). Depending on how your website is configured, the SKU may or may not be the EAN.

  • L’UGS n’est pas l’EAN : SKU is not EAN. SKU will be sent as product ID, EAN as EAN
  • L’UGS est l’EAN, je veux l’utiliser : SKU is EAN and will be used as product id
  • L’UGS est l’EAN, je ne veux pas l’utiliser : SKU is EAN but the WooCommerce product id will be used as product id in eKan

Dépendances (Dependencies)

You may indicate the billing plugin used on your website.

If not, the eKan plugin won’t send bills with orders.

The eKan plugin does not generate any bill, but can send externally generated bills to eKan

If the billing plugin you’re using is not in the list, please contact us.

Transporteurs (Carriers)

You have to set up these fields. They tell the eKan plugin which carrier code to use for each WooCommerce shipping method.

Eg, a shipping method such as « Livraison en Point Relais (France) » might be set as « Mondial Relay Point Relais »

Eg, a shipping method such as « Livraison express avant 13h » might be set as « Chronopost 13 »

Cadençage des interrogations FTP (FTP request clocking)

These settings apply on FTP requests (to get shippings from eKan) , not on XML orders (to send new orders to eKan)

Twice a day is the recommended setting.

Réglages FTP (FTP settings)

You have to set up the FTP access code given by eKan. Only the first values need to be filled.

Envoyer le catalogue (Send catalog)

Method in progress

Vérifier les erreurs (Check errors)

This page will request eKan FTP server for new errors.

Vérifier les expéditions (Check shippings)

This page does the same request than the regular FTP requests. The plugin asks the eKan FTP server for new expeditions and update the relevant orders. You might use this page for manual updates.

Using the metabox (Order page)

A metabox is added on every order page.

In it you can view and check each file sent to or received from eKan relevant to this order.

You can manually regenerate a XML Order file.

By checking the checkbox « et l’envoyer », you will regenerate a XML Order file and send it to eKan. Useful for manual order updates.